Interview with Earth2Hub, July 2012

  When our children are looking back on the way we did business, it will be as strange a notion as slavery is to us today. How could we be so oblivious to the harm we continue to inflict on people and the planet? Couldn’t we see the icebergs melting or the...

What brands can learn from the fall of Mubarak and why advertising will become goodvertising

“The people want to bring down the regime! The people want to bring down the regime!” As the shouting barely has silenced in Egypt’s Tahrir Square, the echoes should be an everlasting reminder to any oppressor; the power lies in the people. I think there is an equally important lesson to be learned for brands and companies. The days where brands could get away with claiming that they are “bigger, better and stronger” – like a dictator – are over.

Interview with Bizcommunity by Herman Manson, @marklives, Nov 2011

The silence on COP17 and its unintended lesson for South Africans South Africans have an extraordinary social conscience, says Thomas Kolster, the Danish communications consultant and author of the soon-to-be released book The Bible of Goodvertising (from Thames &...

Interview with Ideate, Nov 2011

1 Min. With A Superhero: Thomas Kolster on ‘Goodvertising’ Today we’re talking to Thomas Kolster, who recently popped into South Africa from Copenhagen, Denmark. Thomas is a Danish advertising consultant and author of the upcoming book ‘The Bible of Goodvertising’. He...

Thomas Kolster on Goodvertising

On Maggs on Media, eNews Thomas Kolster tells us why Goodvertising is a growing trend in brand communications - with some very compelling examples!

Would you put your name to that?

For advertising agencies it’s long been a tradition to add their names to print ads they have made for their clients. It’s almost like a statement: See what we’ve made. I like it and encourage it (if done on all their ads). What a great transparent way to tell consumers (and potential clients) what work you have done and that you’re proud enough of it to put your name to it. But what are agencies willing to put their name to? Cigarettes? Fossil fuels? Advertising aimed at children? Unhealthy ingredients? Alcohol?

Consumers expect you to deliver value

Consumers have lost faith in brands. A global consumer research study, “Brand Sustainable Futures”, by Havas Media, of over 30 000 people spanning 4 continents and 9 markets found that two thirds of consumers say that they don’t care whether the majority of brands survive or not.


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