Webinar 22nd Sept: Hacking creative thinking for a greater impact

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Hacking creative thinking for a greater impact 22nd Sept 2020 / 3.00PM CET Award winning creativity today is expected to produce much more than advertising campaigns. Agencies and marketeers are constantly using their creative assets to develop powerful innovative ideas which transform a meaningful brand purpose into sustainable solutions and tangible impact. The challenge: making a real difference (in people’s lives). In a differentiating way (reflecting the brand idea). Using different engagement platforms (which help people feel significant and appreciative). In the last few months we have all been forced to rethink the way we think. To explore innovative ways of transformation and adaptation. With brands looking for original new ways to impact their consumers lives and provide value within the new normal facing us. A challenging task… with a lot to process. Which is why adding structure to the way you think about such ideas can prove to be extremely valuable. In the last decade Thomas Kolster has been at the forefront of using advertising as a force for good movements (Call it Goodvertising, if you want…) and he’s judged everything from impact and sustainability competitions to global advertising award shows such as Cannes Lions and D&AD. Thomas has developed a structured method for generating campaigns which go beyond saying, so as to actively enable real change. Keeping you up to date with the latest developments in the do-good space and preparing you for the creation of effective cut-through creative work that makes a real impact! On top of that… Thomas is always happy to share a few tricks to have up your sleeve, when pitching your next great do-good campaign. In the last decade, Ravid Kuperberg from Mindscapes has been helping agencies and brands all over the world apply their creative thinking skills in a more efficient and effective manner. Decoding recurring thinking patterns embedded in award winning ideas, and transforming them into practical thinking tools for generating new original ideas in a structured way. In a nutshell: adding logic to the magic of generating breakthrough creativity. Ravid is a frequent speaker and trainer at international marketing conferences and advertising festivals, including recurring appearances at the prestigious Cannes Lions festival. In recent years more than 35 Cannes Lions, including 3 Grand Prix Lions, were won by Mindscapes trained clients, using their structured creative thinking tools. Join this session and hear from Thomas and Ravid about insights and practical thinking tools which will not only bring you to the award podium, but will also make the world a better place (the ultimate award…) Audience: everyone working in advertising and brand communications, from all seniority levels, on the agency or client side: creatives, planners, accounts, PR, media, BTL, marketing directors, brand managers, brand communications managers, etc. Take home from the session:

  • increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operating your creative thinking: less waiting for impactful ideas, more writing of impactful ideas
  • acquiring a set of practical thinking tools and tips which have proven to be fertile in generating award-winning Goodvertising ideas
  • understanding how to structure effective thinking about do-good advertising ideas learning how to bring a brand purpose to life. Or rather… how to bring life to a brand purpose

Agenda 15:00 – 15:05     Short introductions + instructions 15:05 – 15:35     First set of thinking tools presented by Thomas Kolster 15:35 – 15:50     Practice session: applying learning on a Tony’s Chocolonely creative thinking task 15:50 – 16:00     Coffee break 16:00 – 16:35     Second set of thinking tools presented by Ravid Kuperberg 16:35 – 16:50     Practice session: applying learning on a Tony’s Chocolonely creative thinking task 16:50 – 16:55     Choosing a winning idea 16:55 – 17:00     Q&A + conclusion


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