17 March: Sustainable Marketing

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  • Join me on 17 March
  • Duration: 60 – 90 mins
  • Time:
    • 3pm CET
    • 2pm London
    • 9am NYC
    • 7pm Delhi

Sustainability has come out of the tree-hugging, do-good closet. The possibilities for brands and businesses (as well as people and planet) are fuelling a creative renaissance to make things better rather than a beauty contest based on incremental or advertised made-up differences. Learn how to expand your creative canvas and put into play environmental, health, social and other tangible, world-bettering factors that can be an earthquake under well established, but oblivious brands. Through global examples, Thomas will show how brands are turning challenges into success stories where profit goes hand in hand with people and planet, but you’ll also get the clever hacks that help you create effective, yet impactful campaigns. Understand what it takes to do successful sustainability communication today, or prepare your epitaph – because if you aren’t moving with us, you’re dead in the water.


The workshop is for everyone working in the cross-section of sustainability and marketing from brand, agency, non-profit or consultancy side. There will be a strong focus on communication and campaigns.

You’ll learn:

  • Why sustainability matters and the megatrends driving the change
  • How to create effective, yet impactful sustainability campaigns
  • Understanding and unlocking the three-steps from saying, doing to enabling


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