Webinar Recording: Hacking creative thinking for a greater impact



Did you miss our webinar? No worries, you can now get the recording!

Hear from Thomas and Ravid about insights and practical thinking tools which will not only bring you to the award podium, but will also make the world a better place (the ultimate award…)

Audience: everyone working in advertising and brand communications, from all seniority levels, on the agency or client side: creatives, planners, accounts, PR, media, BTL, marketing directors, brand managers, brand communications managers, etc.

Take home from the session:

  • increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operating your creative thinking: less waiting for impactful ideas, more writing of impactful ideas
  • acquiring a set of practical thinking tools and tips which have proven to be fertile in generating award-winning Goodvertising ideas
  • understanding how to structure effective thinking about do-good advertising ideas learning how to bring a brand purpose to life. Or rather… how to bring life to a brand purpose


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