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Across 13 video courses followed by questions and assignments you’ll be equipped to shape a successful transformative brand and the meaningful marketing that’s bringing it alive. Estimated completion time 2-3 hours.

You’ll learn
• How to avoid purpose-washing and find your organisation’s true relevance
• How to play a more meaningful and authentic role in people’s lives
• How to create behaviour change at scale and ultimately unlock sales

“People expect more from brands and companies than ever before. This premise is exactly what Thomas Kolster talks about in his masterclass. It’s a must do course for today’s brand builders.”

Marc Pritchard,

Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble Company

Most people don’t want better brands – they want a better life and a better world to enjoy it in. In this masterclass Thomas argues that if organisations want to succeed, they should start with what people need – it’s a great call to action for latent changemakers everywhere!

Joanna Yarrow,

Head of Sustainable & Healthy Living, IKEA

“The best way to cut through the marketing BS and put people first”

Ynzo van Zanten
Chief Evangelist, Tony’s Chocolonely

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