“The best way to cut through the marketing BS and put people first”

Ynzo van Zanten
Chief Evangelist, Tony's Chocolonely

“By far our most popular speaker at the conference this year”

Charlotte Durant, Marketing Communications Manager at Sedex Global

“Thomas is one of the most sought after speakers worldwide I know”

KoAnn Skrzyniarz, CEO of Sustainable Brands

“… in my job I have heard them all. Thomas speaks brilliantly about his topic. He is well prepared, delivers to perfection and is charming and engaging. His ability to connect with his audience is exceptional.”

Jan Morten Drange, CEO, The Norwegian Advertising Association

Thought-leader, author, sustainability advocate & marketing guru!

Thomas Kolster

Thomas Kolster is a marketing activist on a mission to make business put people and planet first. As a seasoned branding and sustainability professional counting more than 18 years he’s advised Fortune 500 companies, small start-ups, governments, agencies to non-profits. He’s the founder of the global Goodvertising movement that’s inspired a shift in advertising for the better. He’s also the author of two books “Goodvertising” (2012) and “The hero Trap” (2020). 

As a globally recognized keynote speaker he’s inspired audiences in more than 70 countries at events like TEDx, SXSW, DAD & Sustainable Brands. He’s a columnist for the Guardian, Adweek, The Drum and several other publications and a regular judge at international award shows. As a passionate entrepreneur and change-agent he’s launched several impact platforms like Cph:Change and Wheregoodgrows. Thomas’ belief is simple: Change begins with you!

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Goodvertising is the belief that doing good for people and planet is also good for brand and bottom line. 

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