Change begins with you

The Arrow is reflecting our most basic psychology and is inspired from coaching and psychotherapy. Market economists have sold us the lie that we’re driven only by money, status and success but the inherent human truth that cuts across age, culture and gender uncovers a stronger force:

We wish to be in charge of our own lives and our own happiness. The psychologist Maslow called this self-realisation. The Arrow helps you refocus your leadership. I buy into your organisation because what you can make me become, not because why you exist.!

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We equip you to become the change. For Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, advertising agencies, non-profits, governments or universities we’ve created inspiration, training and transformation in more than 70 countries around the world – and now we also deliver the change directly to your desktop or phone, whenever you’re ready.

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15-minute Transformation Audio Summary

Get the insights from the whole book in a 15 minutes audio summary.

The Brand Transformation Tool

Create a transformative brand, find your transformative position. Get the tools now.

The Complete Transformation Tools

All you need to create transformation with the complete methodologies in one easy-to-use PDF.

The Transformative Platform

Learn how to turn people into your promoters with the Platform tool.

The one-on-one session

Book your one-on-one online transformation session, advise by the hour.

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Corporate Training

We do corporate training from 1-hour to a week-long program and we’re always happy to tailor our programs to your needs.

One-on-one session

Book your one-on-one online training session, advise by the hour. Typically for executives.

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This is our most immersive video training lead by Thomas Kolster and gives you access to our 10-module video course with our methodologies and hands-on exercises that turns knowledge into change. You’ll receive a certificate at the end.

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Each year we offer transformation camps around the world, where we gather a group of people for interactive training. You’ll receive a certificate at the end.

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