From extensive research, based on more than a 1000 global initiatives, we’ve built a behaviour change workshop and tool kit. How do we succeed in changing behaviours in a more sustainable direction?

The outcome is a toolkit and a workshop where we have identified 13 levers for behaviour change: high status, normal, showcase, prime, surprise, edit, default, reinvent, ask, reward, time, message and fun.


In the workshop we’ll give you the insights or tools for your brand or agency to look at behaviour change in new ways and educate your colleagues to use the tool to push for more effective communication. Plus, you’ll see and discuss some of the most exciting examples from across the globe. The workshop is truly hands-on and will take you through a real-life case, but can also be tailored to focus on one specific challenge you’re facing.



From 90 minutes to 1-day



Anyone involved in changing behaviors from within the marketing department, the sustainability team – or from agency or non-profit side.


Course material:

Our workshop tool on behaviour change with 13 levers


You’ll learn:

  • How to apply 13 different behaviour change tactics
  • Improving your creativity and impact when doing behaviour change
  • Understanding how to co-create and find the right insights



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