6 June 2024: How to Inspire Behaviour Change

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You will learn:

Shifting consumer behaviours towards sustainability, bypassing skepticism and greenwashing

Actionable hacks to drive real change in your brand or agency’s approach

Small changes with big impact brands can implement to drive real change

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29 May 2024: How to Inspire Behaviour Change


  • Join me on 6 June
  • Duration: 60 – 90 mins
  • Time:
    • 3pm CET
    • 2pm London
    • 9am NYC
    • 7pm Delhi

How can our industry defend a 1 trillion USD advertising spend, if we are not able to shift behaviours? Citizens in the global North are faced with a damaging environmental footprint and brands and leaders must act. At the same time, we see tightening regulation and increasing scepticism towards brands self-congratulatory green claims “90% Recycled Plastics”, “We’re going to save the world in 2040” etc.

 In this webinar, we’ll explore the small changes with big impact brands can implement that’s driving real change. You’ll get inspired with a new strategy and concrete hacks to help your brand or agency on its journey towards change. Tune-in for one hour of free learning, interaction and insights. Can’t wait to see you online.

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