How do you want to create change?

Over the years we have developed a number of formats from inspiration like a keynote to hands-on formats like ideation sprints or workshops. We deliver most of those formats either physically, online, hybrid or on-demand like our masterclass.

And we tailor these formats from quick engagements like a 15-minute keynote to a 6-week training programs. Our formats are either run by Thomas Kolster or one of his experienced staff members or a local certified trainer. There’s something for every budget – and we’ll adapt to your needs.




Ideation sprint




Physical, online, hybrid or on-demand


From 15 minutes keynotes to 6-weeek or longer training formats

Course captain

Thomas Kolster, an experienced staff member or a certified local trainer


Brand building


Marketing and activation

Campaigns and advertising

Organisational change and self-development


Future of business

Creativity and innovation

Keynote themes


How to create meaningful growth after the pandemic?


Sustainability as a catalyst for creativity


Purpose is a “hero trap” – how to win in a post-purpose market?


Every leader and company are claiming to be a climate-saint. What now?


Your values won’t cut it, who can you really help people become?


Marketing is from Mars, Sustainability is from Venus


Leaders shouldn’t be heroes, turn people into the heroes

Our diverse training and workshop program

Up the positive change! for your agency or marketing department

Our specialised format targeted at improving the positive creative output, the organisation’s motivation and understanding of sustainability and purpose targeted at agencies or marketing departments.


Goodvertising and Creativity for good

Improve your creative output for positive change and become better at cutting through the noise and create tangible impact. Great for agencies and marketing departments.


Find a meaningful role to play as a brand

Unlock meaningful marketing growth and find your meaningful role to play as a brand with our proprietary Arrow tool.


Sustainability communication

Learn how to get sustainability communication right. Great for agencies and marketing departments.

Create empowering, meaningful and people-centric marketing

Across the whole marketing mix from products to pricing you’ll learn how to turn people into active participants with our proprietary Wheel tool.


How to create people-powered and activist campaigns

Learn how to turn people into activists for your campaign using our proprietary Transformative Platform tool and its 8 levers.


Positive Behaviour Change

Learn how to create positive behaviour change with our proprietary 13 Levers for Behaviour Change


Meaningful/sustainable leadership

Learn how to create a meaningful and sustainable leadership for your brand or organisation.

Special formats

Join our 9-week program and become a certified brand transformer or local trainer

Our 9-week program is for people who really wants to get hands-on with all our different tools and learn how to shape meaningful, transformative brands. You’ll receive a certification at the end, which also gives you the opportunity to become a local trainer for us, learn our amazing community and create an extra income stream. 


Goodvertising, Cannes Lions and 42courses.com

Together with Cannes Lions and 42courses.com we have created a hands-on online Goodvertising course. f you’re a marketer, advertiser, or business owner, the Goodvertising course will show you how to do the right AND sustainable thing for your brand, your customers, your bottom line, and the planet too.


Our 13-episode masterclass

Across 13 video courses followed by questions and assignments you’ll be equipped to shape a successful transformative brand and the meaningful marketing that’s bringing it alive. Estimated completion time 2-3 hours.

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