“Campaign” and “targeting” illustrates the militaristic command-and-control language of traditional marketing that still dominates most of the media landscape. It clashes with a bottom-up, pluralistic and open media space where people embrace the opportunities of an Internet for them and by them, from citizen journalism to off-the-shelf e-commerce platforms, and the Average Joe with something to sell.


This way of thinking we call “platforms” and they are re-writing the relationship between brand and people and turning people into their own creator of content. No mass-market content here! The brand is empowering an army of the willing to join on a shared mission! It’s like a Wikipedia of campaigns, where everyone with a passion gets to create the content.


These brands communicate differently, moving away from the “We promote” to enabling the individual; “You promote”. Thomas Kolster began to observe certain patterns and realised this was not a campaign, but something that, in its own right deserved a name: a transformative platform. It’s structured much like a game, just waiting for people to come and play again and again. In this workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know when putting people behind the steering wheel of your next campaign.



The workshop is for everyone working in the cross-section of sustainability, social and marketing from brand, agency, non-profit or consultancy side. There will be a strong focus on campaigns and movement building.


Course material:

Our workshop PDF on Transformative Platforms and our workshop sheet The Wheel



From 90 minutes to 1-day


You’ll learn:


  • How to shape movements that inspire people
  • The eight attributes of a platform that puts people first
  • Explore a new way of crafting campaigns



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