Everyone is looking to create meaningful marketing growth going forward, and as challenger brands are faster-moving, more agile, and better at connecting with consumers, purpose seems to be taking centre stage. At the same time, consumer expectations are rising and sustainability is moving into the mainstream, becoming synonymous with quality. It’s more difficult to shout “We care” as a brand and be believed – or for that sake to harvest the benefits. Purpose is embraced as the lifebuoy for brands going forward; but at the same time, purpose is challenged as the space overcommunicated and overcrowded. It’s demanding to be in today’s marketing chair or be responsible for an agency’s creative output as sustainability challenges or opportunities can either build or break brands.


Our training focuses on two key areas:

We begin by looking at how to build a purposeful brand in a highly competitive market. You’ll be trying different approaches hands-on, but you can ready yourself for a post-purpose reality. Secondly, we’ll spend a lot of time on the activation part. How to turn your purpose or ESG/SDG ambitions into powerful cut-through creative campaigns that create a real impact. As a group, we’ll be discussing and learning from each other. We’ll be watching lots of campaign and brand examples and you’ll be working on a real case over the duration of the training.



6 weeks over a 2 month period


You’ll learn:

Week 1: Introduction: What is purpose & sustainable marketing?

Week 2: How to shape a purpose – 3 different tools/ways

Week 3: Sustainable campaigning

Week 4: Creativity for impact

Week 5: What’s next for purpose? The case for meaningful growth

Week 6: The challenges and opportunities for purpose internally and externally


Course kick-off:

Will be announced, but open for candidates.


Course material:

  • Access to our online Purpose Peers hub for conversation and exchange
  • Free access to our on-demand masterclass (value 300€)
  • Free access to our on-demand library of learning videos and tutorials
  • Free access to all live webinars (more than 10 yearly)
  • Exclusive discounts to partner conferences across the globe
  • Award entry discount to select impact/advertising awards
  • Unlimited access to e-learning materials like The Brand Transformation Map
  • Discount on 1-on-1 advisory sessions with Thomas



Candidates will be accepted based on their qualifications and how they add to the cohort, so we get a diverse group of candidates that can learn from each other. Typically, we aim for executives such as brand managers, vice presidents, creative directors, producers, or similar.



2999€  (Lower prices available for people in-between jobs or from the non-profit sector)



At the end of the training you’ll get a certificate documenting your participation for “Executive training in sustainable brands & marketing”.


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