Brands and leaders don’t hold any power, they don’t exist simply because of a burning why, but because they matter to someone. We as people give them power, we give them meaning by our participation. Brands, like leaders (dictators and authoritarian leaders exempt), rely on that interrelationship and when brands, like leaders, forget who they are there for, they lose relevance. Most brands didn’t become irrelevant because they forgot their why, but because they forgot who they were there for. You have to ask different questions if you as a brand want to enable people’s personal transformation and move them from intention to action. Life is one long continuous journey towards realising ourselves, and as a brand, one valuable contribution is to show people the way. In the workshop you’ll be introduced to a number of tools that’ll help you build a more meaningful brand that drives people towards realising their ambitions and dreams.



From 90 minutes to 2-days



Anyone involved in brand building from brand to agency side. The workshop can also be valuable for any leader or for people in the start-up space curious about how to get their story right.


Course material:

Our workshop PDF on Transformative Brands and our workshop sheet The Arrow



You’ll learn:

  • How to build meaningful brands that matter in people’s lives
  • A new tool, The Arrow, to sharpen your focus across the marketing mix
  • A new mindset focused on real transformation, not just cheap talk



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