Purpose is like Pokemon,

everybody is searching for it, but nobody really knows why

Come up with real solutions

rather than blowing more hot air into the deflating advertising bubble

The majority of do-good efforts from brands

are ridiculous and nothing but a cheeky pick-up line to charm consumers into buying more

How does advertising

add value to your life?

Brands that matter

Thomas is an awarded marketing and advertising professional with more than 15 years of international experience. He’s one of the early pioneers in the do-good space with a global sustainability track record. His proprietary Goodvertising methodology has helped transform and reconnect brands with people and planet creating renewed brand love and profitability.

He is a globally recognized thought-leader often judging in competitions around the world, and The Huffington Post has named him Inspirational Leader.


  • Board Advisory
  • Event Committee Roles
  • Marketing & Advertising Consulting
  • Strategy & Research
  • Sustainability
  • CSR Engagement
  • Strategies
  • Cause Marketing Advisory
  • Innovation
  • Start-up Advisory
  • 1-on-1 Expert Advisory Sessions
  • The Goodvertising Methodology

Global Press Coverage

New Global Carlsberg Strategy – Together Towards Zero

Together with Carlsberg Group & CB+P I’ve shaped the new Carlsberg sustainability strategy “Together Towards Zero” with goals for 2022 & 2030.

Thought-leader, author, sustainability advocate & marketing guru!

Creativity drives his work and Thomas is an innovator behind initiatives like the world’s first open-source platform for impactful sustainable initiatives, WhereGoodGrows, which was mentioned as “one to watch” by Marketing Week, the art, business and sustainability accelerator Cph:change, the sustainability event Sustainable Bottom Line and many others.

Orange – Spokesperson for Global Responsibility Program

I was producing and starring in 5 videos giving life to each of Orange’s five values in their global responsibility program. Collab. with French agency Sidiése.

1-on-1 Expert Advisory Sessions

Thomas offers 1-on-1 Expert Advisory Sessions in person or by video conferencing/phone (hourly rates) across service areas and has helped shape and qualified strategies, offered advice and consulting to agencies, brands and non-profits.

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