We’ve picked the Top 10 Goodvertising work from 2016 – have a look and see if you agree?

Yet another year has passed in the world of Goodvertising. And the movement is truly beginning to pick up. From early 2010 there’s been a surge in the amount of goodvertising work and especially the quality has improved. There is still too far between good environmental campaigns and social issues dominate again this year. The launch of the Sustainable Development Goals could hopefully change this tendency towards a stronger environmental focus and a broader focus on a diverse range of issues. Top issues in ad land is still classics like Women empowerment, visually impaired, homelessness, food waste, recycling and plastic waste. It’s never easy to choose a Top 10 for 2016 and we have not only looked at the work that got the most attention or created the biggest impact, but we have also included work, that for its novelty and ingenuity deserves a mention. Enjoy and let’s keep pushing the goodvertising work forward.


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