This year’s theme was “Makers or Breakers” sharing the personal stories of those who innovate – but I also wanted to make the creatives and marketeers in the room think about how they use creativity in their own lives. Advertising is dominating and interrupting every part of our lives, but people are beginning to question the value of that relationship. Where did our common sense go? Promoting unhealthy sugary products, screwed up beauty ideals, selfishness and a material race where you’re considered weird if you haven’t bought the newest phone in what seems like a never-ending spending cycle. Enough is enough. People want brands to deliver real value and solve some of society’s biggest problems – and brands are beginning to own up to the challenge.

While creativity is what pushes our industry forward, this sessio will argue that it’s also what leaves us stagnating if not applied properly. Today any serious creative should think about impact. How can my idea impact the most people and make the biggest difference rather than just being a creative push-up to impress creative directors, industry peers and win an award? How can an idea truly make a (lasting) difference?

From the organiser of Cannes Lions, eurobest is the world’s pre-eminent celebration of European creativity. It’s a festival that draws on the continent’s varied cultures and vibrant communities to inspire learning, interaction, debate, and a healthy dose of competition with more than +2500 attendees.


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