From The Huffington Post: Thomas wants to change the game – he believes that sustainability is a war that needs to be fought and that advertising is at its center.

“We, as the communications industry, have a pivotal role to play and may I add, that we, as the communications industry, have helped build and set in motion the wagon of consumerism and capitalism that is now driving us towards the edge of the cliff. We can solve these worldwide problems in a responsible, sustainable and engaging way.”

“The work you put out there can either help make the world a better place or add to the ignorance. This responsibility is yours.”

It’s difficult to not see why when over 99% of all advertising messages constantly communicating the message of consumption. Thomas calls for a more responsible and sustainable voice to gain traction, and we must surely support his call. “I don’t preach about corporate social responsibility, I think that’s a brand image hygiene factor, I advocate for world-bettering initiatives and innovation, where the core idea is sustainable – particularly in an economic sense. It’s about sustainable corporate innovation, sustainable corporate communication!” Read the whole article here. 


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