Mon, Feb 23 – 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Hosted by Goodvertising & Refresh Agency

An interactive and playful keynote and workshop session (Read: Playshop) that helps your business or (personal) brand develop meaningful conversations and engaged evangelists. You might be an ice cream business whose fans know you for your tongue-in-cheek updates about your newest, finger licking flavours or a social entrepreneur with a burning purpose to change the world one-diaper-at-a-time. No matter what you’ll be challenged to leave your comfort zone on a quest to stand for something using two approaches driven by either intellect or passion. Experience this clash of worlds: the accountant versus the activist, Milton Friedman versus Richard Branson, rationale versus ideals, brain versus heart. This sustainability, marketing and conscious leadership tag-team will take the audience on a journey of new thought processes and challenge you to find your voice on the mind – heart continuum and think creatively about your business’ role and its voice on Planet Social. The session is relevant for both beginners and advanced, entrepreneurs and corporate brands. Presentation will be in English and the workshop a combination of Danish and English.

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