The Norwegian advertising association had invited me to do a keynote at their yearly and largest event – Den Store Annonsørdagen – The Big Advertiser’s Day.

The beginning of the day saw Jenni Romaniuk, Author and Associate Director at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, talk about the results behind her sequel “Brands that grow 2”. She shared why evidence based marketing is fundamental, because, as she cheerfully chirped, you wouldn’t go for medicine without evidence behind it. Her main point was that the biggest determining factor of brand growth is penetration – not only mentally, but also physically in the market place. Apparently the one who shouts the loudest in the most relevant places win, according to her.

After her presentation followed an ex-Deutsche Telecom data guy, Stefan Sommer, who’ve been responsible for creating the company’s data analytics capabilities. He advised clients to own and champion the data, which leaves agencies on the backseat of the already fast rolling data bus.

Unfortunately I had to leave after my presentation to catch a flight for another conference in Bangkok, but a good morning where I got a chance to step into the heads of brand owners. My Goodvertising message seemed to resonate well with the crowd of marketers, but if you were there, feel free to share your experience.

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