Danish supermarket chain Irma uses untraditional methods in a new campaign, “Slå en streg for din bydel/Take a leak for your neighborhood”, at the annual Culture Night in Copenhagen today, where they test Danes’ “organic condition” using 13 mobile toilets.

Yep, you don’t need reading glasses just yet, It did say toilets! Wierd? Maybe, but also kind of genious.

Without having a clue about the outcome, Irma will divide the toilets into neighborhoods and  provinces and test the urine afterwards to find out which area in Copenhagen or province in Denmark ingests the most pesticides. A fun way to examine which part of Denmark is most organic and hereby put ecology in focus in a different and creative way.

So if you find yourself in Copenhagen tonight, then make a swing by Æggetorvet at Nørreport Station where organic drinks will be served and 13 toilets will help you get through the cold October night.


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