DATE: MONDAY, MAY 12, 2014, London.

Is it the duty of brands to tackle unsustainable consumption? And what are the early stage solutions that point to a future where this is possible? Surveys tell us that around 70% of citizens see it as important that we combat the key societal challenges – climate change, youth unemployment etc – but only 15% of consumers seek out products and services that actively address these issues. That gap of 55% sends signals right through supply chains, and leaves us with big questions. Is it is possible for brands to lead on closing this gap? And it is right that they should seek to become more valuable in doing so? If so, it may be possible to change the motivation of the system. To help us answer this conundrum, we had some of the pioneering minds in this space;

-Thomas Kolster, the author of Goodvertising and founder of collaboration platform WhereGoodGrows
-Joanna Yarrow, Sustainability Director for IKEA UK and Ireland, on the thinking behind IKEA’s The Wonderful Everyday” marketing campaign”
-Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Communications Head for Nissan Europe, on building a new market for EV’s.
-Gerry Hopkinson, Co-Founder of Unity PR, whose campaigns include The Age of Stupid and M&S’s Shwopping




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