Sustainability is moving from nice sounding commitments and campaigns to real actions. Finnish spirits brand Koskenkorva is shaking up the spirits industry with its ground-breaking Climate Action vodka, the first sustainable vodka made entirely from regeneratively farmed barley.

Agriculture is one of the biggest climate emitters. For food and beverage brands there’s a massive opportunity in embracing regenerative agriculture. It’s less intensive, it’s better for the soil, better for biodiversity and can work as a sponge to suck up and store carbon emissions. If regenerative farming was used on all the world’s croplands and pastures forever, up to 322 billion tons of carbon dioxide could potentially be removed from the atmosphere. This is 10 times the current amount of yearly global emissions.

During Advertising Week London AWLondon23 I had a sit down with Koskenkorva Anora marketing director Suvi Reinikkala to talk about their recent project Climate Action Vodka. I’m curious to know if you have any other good examples of brands embracing regenerative agriculture???

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