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I’m in Morocco, yet purpose is not a new topic there, but it seems dominated by the usual international players.

The opportunities are there for local brands to engage and innovate. To make purpose meaningful and avoid the hero trap or call it purpose-wash, it’s crucial to anchor your WHY – your raison d’être – in people’s WHO and ask: WHO can you help people become?

Think about that question. Do you deliver a tangible difference in people’s lives? Brands are like friends – some friends play more meaningful roles in our lives than others: Some are there for good times, others are there, when we’re heart broken.

Others expand our thinking and teach us new skills. Be that brand enabling better lives instead of paying lip-service to all sorts of societal do-good nonsense.

I was invited by the Moroccan Advertiser’s Association to join The African Digital Summit for a keynote and delivering a workshop around my book #TheHeroTrap and the methodology #THeArrow.

The conference brought together speakers across the African continent showcasing possibilities and challenges across the digital landscape from AI to digital brand safety. #PostPurpose #Purpose#AfricanDigitalSummit #Branding #Advertising #TheHeroTrap#Sustainability #Who Thanks for the invite Youssef CHEIKHI Sanaa Bousbai Nawal Azmi and everyone at Groupement des Annonceurs du Maroc


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