The power of you

There are people who will question you, defy you or fight you. When I was writing the book “Goodvertising”, I mentioned the idea to an industry colleague in Denmark, his first, skeptic response was, “What qualifies you to write this book?” I promptly answered, “Because I want to make a difference.” I think this is an important point to be made. There might be brands that are further ahead of you on their sustainability journey, there might be people who worked with sustainability for decades or people out there that believe in maintaining the status quo, but that should never hold you back from doing the best you can to make a difference in this world. In an interview with Hannah Jones the Vice President of Sustainability and Innovation at Nike, she shared this insight into how Nike works, “Our CEO always challenges us to measure our success not against our competitors but against our potential.” I agree with her. Ignore the skeptics, the non-believers and change what you can. Dare to dream and do big things!

World-bettering ideas 

Many other industries, like design and architecture spoke up long ago for their world-bettering abilities, but I really miss a strong voice from the advertising industry. My belief is and always has been, that our single biggest relevance is creativity. I miss the pride, the belief in our skills. Goodvertising is about great, world-bettering ideas; our ability to come up with solutions when there seem to be none.


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