#CanIChange? Most certainly a question you’ve been pondering yourself these last days. And you’re not alone.

Every new year, @Google reveals the top searches for the previous year.

In 2022, people mostly googled how they could change themselves. This is also the theme of my latest book The Hero Trap and the methodology and belief in how brands and leaders should behave.

the hero trap hed page 2020

the hero trap hed page 2020https://bit.ly/Hero-Trap-Book

What if brands and leaders in fact can help us unveil that better version of ourselves? Traditionally advertising and marketing has nudged our darker sides: status, greed, vanity. Getting us to believe that if we buy that 100 bucks beauty cream we’ll look like actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Or we’re only a real man if we’re behind that steering wheel of a BMW. But what if, brands could actually appeal to bringing out the best in us?

I call these brands “Transformative brands” because they’ve a laser sharp focus on the change they can enable in your life. In a recent study we did with research experts GfK, David Stanton & team, we showcased how those brands are on average 4-10% point more successful at motivating people to take action (Check out the study on our website). We know people want to see change in their life, get inspired by the change they’re seeking in this update from Google. Then ask yourself how can you as a leader or brand play your part.

Our methodology The Arrow helps build transformative brands and leaders by asking one simple question: WHO can you help people become?

Post-Purpose Marketing

Maybe it’s time for you to change … what’s your answer to the WHO-question? And what do you want to change in 23? And kudos to Google and its brand studio for the commercial.

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