It’s about time our industry got serious about its craft. Newly inaugurated D&AD Impact Awards is an important lighthouse to shine a light on what real change our industry can do! I was honoured to judge alongside esteemed creative minds like Jamie Oliver, David Droga, Tim Brown and others. My category was “Environmental Sustainability” always a tough one creatively as there are rarely any emotive images in carbon emissions or trees compared to putting the face of a hungry child on your campaign when it’s social issues.


The Bigger Issues Case by Lynx brings attention to high-suicide rates among its target group: men 

The pencil winners go across categories and prove the tremendous difference our industry can make, if we pour our creativity and heart into it! As an industry we’re ignorant at best or utterly demagogic, one-sided and irresponsible at worst. The majority of do-good efforts from brands are ridiculous and nothing but a cheeky pick-up line to charm consumers into buying more. The D&AD Impact Award is a great way to charter a different course forward for advertising, create new aspirations and kick-start a serious discussion about impact.


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