Let me ask you a question. Is there anything you would like to change about yourself? Anything you would like to become better at?

You don’t have to get pen and paper out and start writing your list. Trust me, mine is long. Of course, we all have stuff we want to change from the smaller things in life like cutting down on time spent in front of the television to quitting those TV snacks to bigger challenges such as spending more time with our kids. And those battles continue throughout life. This is where transformative brands can find a meaningful to play – where it’s not about purpose preaching, but becoming a coach.

This is the life-long opportunity for brands – it’s all about giving people a platform for their self-actualisation. As inspiration for where your brand can play a transformative role in people’s lives have a look at these 12 triggers. For example, LEGO is fueling their customers’ self-development and creativity through play (Personal development) whereas most other toys go for Friends or Passion or fun and excitement.

What do you think? Does your brand play a tangible role in people’s lives? Do you own a unique role in people’s lives?

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