Do you have any good examples of brands, that have shown real leadership the last couple of months?

As the economic climate is becoming challenging it’s easy as a brand marketer or agency strategist to run for the hills and shout: SELL, SELL, SELL. We’ve been here before as an industry. One can be anxious, impatient or one can be brave and believe in the power of your brand. People really need your brand’s help. Not just your brand paying lip service to the issues of the day. If you’re a bank, how can you reach out to people and prepare them for uncertainty? If you’re a supermarket chain, how can you make their money last longer? Dear brand, it’s time to step up and play a real transformative in peoples lives. I delivered this keynote in Finland, Helsinki in October – touching on the path forward to meaningful growth despite all the uncertainty.

Watch the talk here:

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