I’m honoured to be judging yet another award show for good: The EACA Care Awards. I cannot stress enough the importance of celebrating more responsible communication practices. This creative Award aims to recognise excellence in social marketing as part of EACA’s overall commitment to promote Corporate Social Responsibility. The main aim of this annual ceremony is to highlight the advertising industry’s specific contribution to society by selecting and celebrating the most successfully creative social marketing campaigns. The Awards cover subjects such as public health, environment, sustainable consumption, public safety, disability, human rights, domestic violence, child abuse, homelessness, education and other similar topical public issues.

The EACA Care Awards is the 6th award I’ll be judging over the last two years, which is an important way for me to keep up-to-date with the latest #goodvertising and responsible campaigns out there! Other award shows I’ve taken part in: D&AD White Pencil, Creative Circle Award, Creative Conscious Award, The Big Transition and EthicMark Award.


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