I’m excited to share with you our upcoming change project together with North Europe’s biggest documentary film festival: CPH:DOX. Do write me if you want to join or support this amazing initiative – lots of exciting possibilities for brands and organisations. Read more here. 

How can the world’s most inspiring artists and storytellers unite with businesses and organizations to accelerate change?

Under the parole change and the categories “art x tech x education x change” we want to connect the world’s most innovative and impactful change projects with like-minded businesses and organizations applying their power and marketing reach to inspire and accelerate change.

Think about what can be achieved when you partner with the world’s best artists, storytellers and change makers to create a difference for people or the planet? When projects from the creative arts (music, film, art, media etc.) meet with the transformative powers of education and technology, change
happens. What if we could scale up this change by connecting the more innovative and impactful projects with like-minded businesses and organizations with a muscle to fund, distribute, promote and ultimately accelerate change?

CPH:CHANGE will do an annual call for submissions looking for the most innovative, inspiring and impactful change projects within the creative arts and ideally with a tech or educational edge. 5 projects will be selected to be part of a pitching session in front of an invited audience of businesses, organizations and corporate brands (invitation based on relevance for projects). The aim is to match-make projects with potential businesses and organizations to harvest shared value while making the project grow in terms of scalability either through funding, distribution, marketing, copromotion, network or similar support.

art x tech x education x change

CPH:CHANGE will take place during the afternoon on the 10th of November 2015 as part of the CPH:DOX industry platform. The selected projects will be presented to a wide range of industry experts followed by a 20 min feedback/discussion session from a customised panel of experts.

To cover the many aspects of CPH:CHANGE we encourage cross disciplinary thinking and would like to engage with VP’s or directors from your business/organization responsible for:
·Content marketing/sponsorship


Tine Fischer, festival director CPH:DOX, Danielle Eversby, Head of Industry CPH:DOX

CPH:DOX is one of Europe’s largest documentary film
festival, which each November fills Copenhagen’s
cinemas with more than 200 films from all over
the world. The films are distributed among four
international competition series and a number
of thematic programmes, which focus on current
political and cultural issues. In the crossroads
between genres and media, CPH:DOX each
year creates new perspectives on creativity and
interdisciplinary thinking between films, the media,
art and music something that’s strongly reflected over
the 11-day program.

Thomas Kolster,Sustainability Expert, Goodvertising Agency
Thomas is the author of the book “Goodvertising”;
the most comprehensive book to date exploring
communication as a force for good. As the Director of
the Goodvertising Agency, he’s helping companies,
non-profits and agencies understand this new reality
and always looking for ways to disrupt. Last year
Thomas founded WhereGoodGrows; the world’s first
best-practice platform for sustainable initiatives. He’s
an experienced keynote speaker, a steady columnist
for the Guardian and several other publications and
a regular judge at international award shows. The
Huffington Post recently dubbed him “Inspirational


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