There’s plenty to be optimistic about when it comes to advertising in 2015! Finally brands are beginning to recognize that it’s not about pushing messages and snappy jokes at people, but actually seeing where they can play a meaningful role in people’s lives. It’s a shift in tonality towards being uplifting, encouraging and positive like last year’s megahits #LikeAGirl from P&G (32M views) or women clothing brand Wren’s First Kiss (100M views). It’s also an untapped potential to rethink the role of marketing where making a difference moves into the heart of the brand and spins out new amazing initiatives and innovations. Italian G-Star made it their mission to clear the oceans of plastic waste and put it to good use; turning the reclaimed plastic into a whole new jeans collection Raw For The Oceans. Start 2015 by solving real problems in people’s lives and you’ll quickly be climbing the ladder towards brand heaven: if you show care towards people, people will care about you!


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