I’m proud to launch the French edition of Goodvertising the 30th of September in Paris, but I already got my hands on a copy fresh from press. So what can you expect from the French version? Is it Le or La Goodvertising? And did you actually know that I can speak French? When I was twenty I worked and studied in Bordeaux, so that makes me extra proud to hold a French version in my hands. Anyway, back to the expectations.

You can expect lots of new French case studies, interviews with exciting thought-leaders from France and I’m happy Gildas Bonnel from Sidièse, a French sustainability comms icon, has agreed to share his thoughts in the foreword. The French version wouldn’t have happened without his determination and will to make it happen! I also want to thank the French environmental organisation Ademe for their great support and contribution to the book. And I’ve of course also put pen to paper and contributed with a short rant about today’s challenges and what has happened since the last version! But there’s even more to expect from the book with new infographics, stats etc. I do hope you enjoy the book. Viva Le Goodvertising!

UPDATE: Now you can buy it from French amazon here. 


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