The sixth Brandstorming of Hrvatski Telekom, along with the originator of advertising for the purpose of good, Thomas Kolster, offered interesting and inspiring insights about brands to leaders.


The pressure on brands is growing – they must be more purpose-oriented in their business than ever before, and the best among them often wear the cloak of superheroes and influence positive changes in society. Consistency in the narrative of the brand is not simple, so the question often arises – how to be a quality, but also a caring leader? At Brandstorming, organized by Hrvatski Telekom and the Croatian Association of Marketing Communication Societies (HURA), the answer to this question in his lecture Lead with Care was offered by the originator of advertising with purpose and the world-renowned speaker, Thomas Kolster .



A good leader knows that change is not easy and that it takes time – but he is also aware of the fact that it starts with ourselves and taking responsibility, Kolster emphasized. Brands have taken on the role of drivers of change and, if they want to become leaders, they must show that they care about the betterment of society, and this is best achieved through active action.



If you are looking for a purpose as a brand, ask yourself what role you can play in the lives of others and in which segment of their private and business lives you can help them. The point is to help your customers be the heroes of their own lives instead of making your brand a superhero – because that will come of its own accord once people with your brand become a better version of themselves. When you realize the passions of the people you want to help as a brand, it will be the fuel for inspiring work and real change, Kolster concluded.



The telecommunications industry itself is inspiring because it connects people and thus makes their lives more meaningful and beautiful, after Kolster’s lecture concluded Branka Bajt, Director of Brand for Hrvatski Telekom, and in the position that you must first believe in the purpose of your brand to be ready Igor Vukasović, Director of Corporate Communications of HT and Branimir Spajić, Director of the Department for Product Management and Customer Experience of HT, agreed to make a real change in a conversation moderated by Ana Vlaho Markušić, Head of the Telecommunications Services Department, HT. They exchanged business experiences and thoughts on purposeful advertising with Kolster after the introductory lecture.


This article was published by The Croatian Association of Marketing Communication (HURA) on 14 September 2021.


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