As brands are battling to conquer the green throne and consumers demand and expect transparency and authenticity, marketers are successfully moving away from marketing at people and rather creating genuine watercooler conversations about issues that really matter to people. This workshop aims to find that one issue making a difference for your brand as well as planet and people.


A differentiating issue to own and fight for as a brand on
either a short or long term basis e.g. Bodyshop for animal
cruelty free cosmetics.


Big brands like Coca-Cola, Levi’s and Microsoft are creating conversations about what matters to brands and people; from unemployment and online privacy to health and wellbeing. Carlton Mid took on the battle against alien fish species with their promotional campaign Carp Muster. Others like Bodyshop or Volvo turn an issue into a longterm vision or purpose like being anti animal cruelty or standing for safety. This trend has been reinforced with TV programming from the likes of Jamie Oliver, who helped make school meals healthier, to the struggles of organic and animal welfare campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. It’s a brand strategy that pays off, because you’re not only marketing your brand, you’re involving your shareholders in a problem-solving quest to make your company and the world better and you’re bringing your consumers along for the ride. You’re creating a movement. It’s about issue before concept. You have to think like a Channel 4 producer mixed with an activist; it’s about taking a fresh look at the world around us – and seeing how you can play your part. This approach brings marketing into the boardroom because it touches the most fundamental challenges facing your company – from public scrutiny about obesity to water scarcity. There’s no higher accomplishment for brands than making a real difference in people’s lives. You’re climbing the brand ladder from being functional, aspirational to being purposeful; it’s brand heaven. It is advised that this workshop be combined with with IssueMining.


Workshop themes

– Why marketing is trending towards issues

– The issues landscape for your brand

– Long vs short term issues

– The Issuetising tool

– Finding your issue

– Global case examples

– Turning your brand into a crusade

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