If you put on the hero’s cape and shout the fatigued chorus of “better world” and “do good for people and planet” you most likely will fail as people can easily criticize you. You most likely don’t wake up in the morning with an aim to save the world. On a good day, I push the small flush button on the toilet. We are intrinsically self-motivated and do things because we want to do them. Unless you take control of the change, you rarely succeed. Anyone who’s ever tried to quit smoking will tell you. Your doctors can tell you to pack it in, your wife and kids can try to motivate you, ads on the packaging can scare you to quit, but, at the end of the day, you need to make that conscious decision yourself. If you’re in the business of change, it’s about time you quit the navel-gazing value crusade – and put people in charge of the change by asking: WHO can you help people become?

It’s not about your values, your mission – it’s about enabling people to succeed on their change journey.

I don’t call this a purpose, but a transformative promise – a promise about a change you can enable in people’s lives.

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