You can choose to mirror #culture or you can choose to move culture. As the latest #climate report came out from the IPCC, it’s abundantly clear – yet again – that brands need to step up to the challenge and inspire people to act on climate.

This demands a new type of #leadership that’s far away from the usual #corporate power and #control. We need #leaders and #brands that empower and enable all of us to be part of the #change.

Thanks to those who joined both in person and virtually at the first edition Istanbul Sustainable Brands Brand Led Cultural Change conference this morning. Was a pleasure speaking alongside Semra Sevinc, Aysun Sabanli, Onur YAPRAK, Ph.D., Irem Karaoda and so many others.

For anyone interested in how brands or leaders can foster better, inclusive culture for change do join me and many investing thought-leaders in #Minneapolis alongside Catherine Musulin, Jamie Horst, Peter ter Weeme.

Want to create a movement or campaign for change? Check out this tool that contains eight characteristics behind successful movement building right here:

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