I’m grateful for all the powerful and insightful conversations I had on #podcasts in 2021. I really love the format for its frankness and each one of the podcasts provoked me to think differently – and together with the hosts, I feel fortunate to have learned and laughed. Thanks all.

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CitizenCentral puts a spotlight on European citizens’ initiatives. In each episode, initiative organisers and supporters talk about why their initiative is important and how they experience raising awareness at EU level.

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Beyond Profit Podcast ANA

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A podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Beyond Profit serves up inspirational and insightful interviews with today’s foremost leaders in the purpose movement.

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DNA of Purpose – Rebecca Tapp

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Purpose is all about the people, and the people are the DNA Of Purpose. This is why we need to put the people first, and make them the hero. From there a brand can build purpose.

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Shelf impactors

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This podcast series is based around the world of branding and packaging design. Breaking down the secrets of the movers and shakers within the industry and delving into how we can learn from those at the top of their creative game.

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Can Marketing Save the Planet Podcast

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Can Marketing Save the Planet? It’s a big question, and one our podcast sets out to explore with marketers, senior leaders, CMOs and sustainability consultants and experts.

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Brand – Lyden av merkevare

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This is a podcast that features exciting executives and about their businesses. What is their history – ups and downs, and how do they work to build a brand.


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