I dare you – find your why in people’s aspirations or challenges. It’ll take you no more than 5 minutes to see the difference.

I’ve been in the purpose space for more than a decade and witnessed leaders and organisations run into what I call “the hero trap” by positioning them as some kind of world saviour with too good to be true missions such as “ridding our world of plastics” or “better for people and planet”.

These are challenging times and a wake-up call for you to try to put yourself in people’s shoes. My methodology The Arrow helps you change perspective and become a leader or organisation truly inspiring people to act. Instead of asking the naval-gazing WHY, try instead and ask yourself WHO can you help people become? The WHO question moves the product or service to the background as it’s the personal transformation people essentially buy.

You don’t buy the running shoes from Nike, you buy who you can become: a superior runner.

This is the transformative outcome people potentially are achieving: better health, finance, skills and the list goes on. It’s your potential as a leader or as an organisation to stand out in the market by owning a transformative role in people’s lives.

You’re taking people up to dance on the very top of Maslow’s Pyramid – that’s not a bad place to take anyone.

As the economic situation is challenging for many, people need someone to have their back.  Try The Arrow exercise – and change your perspective gong into 2023! This video is part of our 12-episode Masterclass – https://lnkd.in/dDyqJU3R ! Be the change. #TheArrow #Leadership #Purpose #PostPurpose#Recession #Economy #Sustainability #Branding #Positioning#Advertising #SelfDetermination #Dreams #Aspirations #2023 #Masterclass #Learn #Skills  https://lnkd.in/d5TUreSM


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