Thomas Kolster has been part of a really interesting global study by JCDecaux called Brand Urbanism® – exploring how cities can become a platform for better lives. The study’s purpose was to understand the way in which brands express themselves in the urban space and accompanying investments.

Brand urbanism is a term defining a new role for brands in the public urban space. The presence of brands, advertising etc. in public spaces is nothing new – but what is new are the consumer-citizens’ strong expectations to brands.

Expectations to brands means that the companies have to take responsibility and ownership of their influence on the consumers’ lifestyles. Meanwhile, the brands need to proactively contribute to improving the life quality in cities and be presented their in a way that creates awareness.

In that way, Brand Urbanism® is a response to the consumers’ expectations and an emerging practice of how brands can form partnerships with cities to create urban development projects.

The three stakeholders, that are central to the rise of Brand Urbanism®, are cities, citizens and brands.


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