I’ve been advocating for change in this climate space for +13 years and I’ve seen a rise in commitments, campaigns and talk – yet is it all just too little too late? Why aren’t we seeing the mass mobilization of citizens or corporations or for that sake elected government leaders?

I wrote my second book, The Hero Trap, because I had to take a hard look at my own life and how difficult it is to break free from habits and embrace a new way of living. These last weeks have been a whirlwind of keynotes, panels and interviews from #Ghana #Norway to the #US and the more I realize if we are to succeed creating the much needed change: we need you! You’re the only one, who can create that much needed change. We need leaders, corporations and organizations who put people first.

Research from my book, The Hero Trap, and newly published research together with research experts GfK, The Purpose Impact Monitor, showcases that campaigns putting people as the agents of change are significantly better at motivating people to take small actions such as learning more about an issue to essentially wanting to buy the product or act on an issue! It’s the last purpose frontier – how can a new leadership realize the inner betterment of people?

If you don’t succeed in improving people’s minds and behaviours, you won’t succeed with the greater challenge of creating better ways of living in our communities, in society at large or in the challenged ecosystems we’re dependent on.

As some societies have reached a more than sufficient level of material wealth, it’s time for us to start focusing on inner human wealth: happiness, better connections with the community, less stress, fulfilled citizens. Materialism is a losing strategy.

The happiness of buying new shoes is a short-lived dopamine kick, whereas finding better ways of living in balance with yourself adds lifelong value. It’s time to create the right human and planetary balance. It’s time to create a new leadership that enables people to move towards change. There is simply no one else to blame for the lack of change than yourself.

It’s time to . . .
You fill in the blank.


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