If we look at the advertising landscape of today, 99% of the messages out there communicate nothing more than: Consume the world, which unfortunately leaves slim odds for a more responsible, sustainable voice to gain traction. We do have amazing inventions like electric vehicles, renewables and low-impact products, but we’re not going to succeed, if we don’t win the minds and hearts of the consumers. This is a war that needs to be fought and advertising is in its center.

Nevertheless, I’m optimistic about the challenges ahead. Advertising is now becoming a force for good, dubbed ‘Goodvertising’ and brands and businesses are beginning to embrace this change to remain profitable, relevant and competitive. Consumers no longer want selfish brands; they want brands that care about them and what they care about.

While times may be tough on a planet faced with impending ecological problems, water shortages and growing economic disparity (to mention but a few), I believe Goodvertising offers a solution. If brands did so well promoting consumerism in the past, what is to stop them doing the same for sustainability?



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