Welcome to the first episode of “Goodvertising or badvertising” where I, Thomas Kolster, have the pleasure of being your host!

I’m mostly known as “Mr Goodvertising” for starting up the “Goodvertising Agency” and for penning my first book, Goodvertising, which examined how the ad industry can play a part in creating a more sustainable world. I’ve recently published my second book, The Hero Trap, which is about brands getting ahead by putting people in charge. Sounds unusual but it works and is ultimately good for people, planet and profit. You can learn more it and how that all came to be here. To date, I’ve had the pleasure of judging just about every global award show there is in the advertising industry and now I’m excited to launch “Goodvertising or badvertising”.

“Goodvertising or badvertising” is a web series where different brands’ “do good” campaigns and initiatives are placed under a microscope. If we’re honest, we’ll acknowledge that ads have a strong influence on our pockets and society at large. Making this space somewhere we can save the world from terrible advertising, one ad at a time. Yes, I said it!  It’s either the ad is so damn good, so it’s goodvertising – or because quite frankly, we’re doing the world a favour by never having to see such a bad ad again; badvertising!

You’re free to love it or hate it, but share your voice, your thoughts: Goodvertising or badvertising? New episodes will be airing bi-weekly on Thursdays.

Enjoy the first episode:



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