Disruptor Postcast w. Thomas Kolster, Advertising Week

Thrilled to join a legendary roster of Disruptors for a podcast with TBWA CEO NYC Rob Schwartz during #AdvertisingWeekNYC - put your headphones on! LIVE conversations with 6 Disruptors: Jon Bond of Tomorro, Abigail Posner of Google, Thomas Kolster, writer of...

Interview At Sustainable Brands in Rio 2016

What started as a book has become a movement – and brands are finally starting to realize that success is not just about selling stuff but about creating a meaningful difference in peoples lives.

Interview at EPICA Awards 2016

The Epica Award is the Golden Globe of advertising judged by the global advertising press. Thomas Kolster delivered a keynote about Goodvertising and the importance of the ad industry to embrace sustainability as a business opportunity and creative wrecking ball....

Article in ArabAd: Epica – Travel to the heart of Adland

Last week Epica Awards celebrated 30 years of creativity. Founded in 1987, Epica is the only creative prize awarded by journalists working for marketing and communications magazines around the world. Launched as the first European advertising competition, today it is an international celebration of creativity, attracting thousands of entries from more than 70 countries. During the event I was lucky to sit down with ArabAd and talk CSR and Goodvertising.

Article in The Nation: “Brands must inspire consumers”

At “Sustainable Brands 2016 Bangkok” Michael Dickstein, global manager for sustainable development at Heineken International, and Thomas Kolster, founder of Goodvertising, shared their views and experience on how brands can do good for their customers and their communities.

WORK SUCKS: Memo to all agency peers

Dear agency peers – if you had to write a memo to your colleagues in the ad industry guiding them towards creative excellence, how would it read? You probably read one attempt at such a message last week from TBWA\CHIAT\DAY’s NYC creative top dog Rob Schwartz, which...

#SBCT16: What value does advertising bring to your life?

Through Goodvertising, Thomas is challenging the way we do business and advertising. A speaker at the inaugural Sustainable Brands Cape Town conference, recently held in the Mother City, Kolster’s session focused on the changing landscape of advertising.

How cool is this mag cover?

Once and a while you see a magazine go further to portray a Goodvertising story. I can't help but love what this Turkish marketing magazine has done with their cover. Maybe we should have gone more street cred with the original cover? Or maybe this is one for a...

Was Cannes “Good” Enough?

Originally featured in Sustainable Brands     This year, the hearts ran wild in Cannes. And I’m not hinting at the mysterious couple having an amicable rendezvous in the early hours of the morning on the red carpet in front of the Palais, but at the fact that the...

INTERVIEW: When advertising serves a higher purpose

This interview was originally brought here   Thomas Kolster is a leading international expert in sustainable communication. He’s the author of the book Goodvertising (Thames & Hudson); the most comprehensive book to date exploring communication as a force for...

The Guardian Interview

Author and ex-ad professional Thomas Kolster on the responsibility of advertising and why its role must change

INTERVIEW for Polish CSR News

CSR.pl had the pleasure to talk to Mr. Thomas Koesler about his new book, his ideas, and new solutions in how your brand can grow by becoming a part of the quest for sustainability.

A Cup for Charity: Copenhagen’s Pop Up Charity Shop

These days, nobody looks twice when you see someone balancing a takeaway coffee cup in one hand and driving with the other as they weave through traffic. Indeed, even people who take it one step further – rushing past you in the street with a coffee and a croissant...

How to make #goodvertising

Advertising is facing a world that doesn’t want it any more. We are facing the dire reality of a world with scarcer resources and consumers that are tired of brands behaving like self-serving dictators. Goodvertising offers a new way forward where it’s about serving real needs instead of creating wants.

It’s Time for Big Business to Go Back to School

Nelson Mandela once remarked: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and I’m inclined to agree. In a world riddled with social ills, one common factor becomes evident, and that is the pivotal role of education in shaping our society.


Creativity is needed more than ever to bring sustainability to our world. For brands, creating sustainable success begins with a simple premise—ask huge questions.

‘Goodvertising” in Guardian Sustainable Business

If we want a better world, we need to tell a better story. Of all advertising out there, 99% says consume the world: buy this car and you’ll be sexier, or buy this toy and your kid will have more friends at school. Is it really a surprise, then, that when we talk about changing people’s behaviour and mindset in a sustainable direction, it seems like a herculean task? If you’re told something enough times you believe it – as advertising professionals, we know this.

Review of Goodvertising by oscocio

Goodvertising is a heavy book. It’s a thorough look at advertising initiatives and campaigns of the last few years that have an ethical dimension. Given how many books are published on advertising and design (not to mention awards annuals and magazines) it’s surprising that something like Goodvertising hasn’t been published before

Interview with Fluffylinks.com, August 2012

In all the debate about a new responsible revolution – in the articles, on the blogs and on the bookshelf, what has been sorely lacking is the call for creative communication. I missed the confidence, the firm belief that we as the communications industry can make a real world-changing difference. I can’t help pushing for this again and again. We can solve these worldwide problems in a responsible, sustainable and engaging way. Not only do we know the market and the consumers, we have an abundance of skills that we have used to beg, cajole and convince consumers to buy things they may not particularly need.

Interview with Earth2Hub, July 2012

  When our children are looking back on the way we did business, it will be as strange a notion as slavery is to us today. How could we be so oblivious to the harm we continue to inflict on people and the planet? Couldn’t we see the icebergs melting or the chemical...

Interview with Bizcommunity by Herman Manson, @marklives, Nov 2011

The silence on COP17 and its unintended lesson for South Africans South Africans have an extraordinary social conscience, says Thomas Kolster, the Danish communications consultant and author of the soon-to-be released book The Bible of Goodvertising (from Thames &...

Interview with Ideate, Nov 2011

1 Min. With A Superhero: Thomas Kolster on ‘Goodvertising’ Today we’re talking to Thomas Kolster, who recently popped into South Africa from Copenhagen, Denmark. Thomas is a Danish advertising consultant and author of the upcoming book ‘The Bible of Goodvertising’. He...

Thomas Kolster on Goodvertising

On Maggs on Media, eNews Thomas Kolster tells us why Goodvertising is a growing trend in brand communications - with some very compelling examples! https://vimeo.com/44738749


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